The Beginners Guide To “Woodworking With Clamps”

Woodworking with clamps. Clamps, and using them correctly, are a key aspect of any woodworking operation. Woodworking with clamps can assist with building high-quality wooden articles while any woodworker worth his salt will agree, you can never have too many clamps. Importance of clamping? In the wonderful world of woodworking, it is the level of accuracy at which the woodworker executes the use of his tools that will distinguish his works from…


Bosch PS130-2A Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Review – “The Baby Bosch”

Bosch PS130-2A Tool Review

Introducing The Bosch PS130-2A. Great strides have been made in recent years in the development of cordless power tools. Mainly thanks to the massive strides made in the development of power tool batteries. With better Li-ion batteries being smaller and lighter as opposed to their Nicad and NiMH counterparts and paving the way for cordless drills like the Bosch PS130-2A Hammer Drill/Driver 12V MAX.  At first glance. This nifty little guy, or as…


Finding Lumber To Make Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Woodworking With Reclaimed Wood

Woodworking with reclaimed lumber. Making reclaimed wood furniture has become a very popular branch of woodworking as of late. Mainly due to the often low cost of salvaging wood when compared to buying new processed virgin wood, in addition, weathered or discolored wood can add a great deal of character to the projects it is used for. Reclaiming wood is also often referred to as recycling wood and rightfully so…


Cordless Power Tools – Choosing the right Cordless Drill

Cordless Power Tool Buyers Guide

Cutting the cord on power tools There is no doubt that cordless is convenient. In the case of cordless power tools like drills and drivers, sacrificing a bit of power output will result in a tool that is lighter, smaller and can be used on the go. With less operator fatigue when working in those awkward positions like hanging light fixtures or working in cramped spaces. Tripping over or getting tangled…


DIY Woodworking Bench Plans – Plans For Beginners

Building  a simple woodworking bench – For beginners As discussed in a previous post, a workbench is not only a great project for a beginner at woodworking but also an integral part of a home workshop. Your bench will be the cornerstone of your shop that provides you with a flat surface at a comfortable height to add to the quality and accuracy of the masterpieces you create on top of it….


5 Essential Power Tools For Woodworking – The Beginners Guide

Power to the beginner. For millennia skilled craftsmen have worked and create with wood, one of the first materials to be worked by man, with crude and time-consuming tools to shape and build. In the ancient world, from Egypt to China, building shelter, furniture, transport and even more tools. But unlike poor Gordianus in ancient Rome breaking his back just to saw through a piece of wood with his old-faithful buck…


What Is A Miter Saw Used For?

No DIY’ers workshop is complete without a miter saw. Used for accurate and quick crosscuts into wood or aluminum at the desired angle, it is a definite must have for your home workshop. With blade sizes ranging from 7 – 12 inches, single or double bevel, compound angles and sliding function, there is a lot to consider when buying a miter saw. What is a Miter Saw? A miter saw is…


Woodworking As A Hobby – Getting Started

Considering woodworking as a hobby? Woodworking is defined as the skill of crafting things from wood. A skill I firmly believe anyone can possess. With a little know-how and the right tools, working with wood can be lots of fun and not at all overly complicated. Not to mention the gratification of creating something beautiful, functional and/or unique. It is a hobby that rewards you with an article crafted by your…