Best Of The Best Rugged Jobsite Radio | PB360S by Bosch

Your shop, your music… There is nothing like the right track to add ambiance to any experience. Working in your workshop, or on a jobsite, is no exception to that rule. When you feel your muscle’s start to weaken from fatigue “eye of the tiger” arrives in stereo to give you that much-needed boost or maybe you’re the “dance around your workshop on a Friday night while putting the final…


Why I Don’t Trust Wood Profits By Jim Morgan | An Honest Review

Why I don’t trust Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits raised my suspicions when I first came across the website about 4 months ago and although I’m not saying Wood Profits is a scam there are many components of its promise that has me questioning its legitimacy. What is “Wood Profits”? Wood Profits is a book or more specifically a guide to achieving success with woodworking and turning…


The Best Leatherman Multi-Tool? Charge TTi Review

A look at the Charge TTI

Leatherman Charge TTI multi-tool review “The only tool I own that is very close to always with me is my Leatherman Charge.” Leatherman claims the Charge TTi was born after combining the most requested features and so creating what is considered to be the best Leatherman Multi-tool by many. Product Overview Weight: 8.2 oz/232 g Closed length: 4 in/10 cm Tools: 19 Warranty: 25 years Expect to pay: $170.00 We rate:…


Bosch PS130-2A Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Review – “The Baby Bosch”

Bosch PS130-2A Tool Review

Introducing The Bosch PS130-2A. Great strides have been made in recent years in the development of cordless power tools. Mainly thanks to the massive strides made in the development of power tool batteries. With better Li-ion batteries being smaller and lighter as opposed to their Nicad and NiMH counterparts and paving the way for cordless drills like the Bosch PS130-2A Hammer Drill/Driver 12V MAX.  At first glance. This nifty little guy, or as…