Easiest Way To Straighten Rough Edge Lumber Using A Table Saw

Simplest squaring of rough cut lumber using a table saw     On the odd occasion, the component on your table saw that is largely responsible for its impressive accuracy becomes obsolete. These are situations where you need to rip a piece of lumber with rough-cut or uneven edges. The fence on your table saw is a huge asset in your tool arsenal but when the lumber to be cut…


Chisel Sharpening Basics That Produce Razor Sharp Chisels

It’s easy to have razor sharp chisels There is no substitute for sharp equipment when it comes to woodworking. The edge of your equipment will in many cases determine the quality of your crafted projects. This is particularly true for wood carving or when it comes to making quality wood joints like box joints. For some time I was under the impression that to sharpen tools, like chisels, is an act…


18V VS 20V Cordless Drills – Don’t Fall For A Gimmick

20V MAX vs 18V – Breaking down a battery Recently, during the course of a lazy Sunday afternoon, surfing around on social media, I came across a comment thread discussing cordless drills. The original post was enquiring as to the best brand but the conversation quickly turned into an argument (as it often does on social media) about which voltage makes for a better cordless drill, 20V MAX or 18V?. More…


Repair OR Replace Faulty Cordless Drill Batteries?

Cordless is convenient Sacrificing a little torque allows us to cut the cord and end up with an on-the-go portable power tool. Yes, cordless is convenient but the convenience does, unfortunately, come with a drawback. Batteries Cordless power tools operate with DC voltage supplied from a battery and unfortunately, the brains of the world are yet to develop a battery that can last forever. Though battery technology has experienced some major advances…


All You Need To Know About Saw Blades – Choosing A Table Saw Blade

Carbide tip saw blades Odds are, when buying a new saw, whether table, circular or miter, it often comes fitted with a mediocre blade. While these types of blades are often all-rounders and are more than good enough to produce most cuts well enough, in some cases the woodworker may want to opt for a blade better suited to a specific task. In this articles we will be looking at all…


How To Make Quality Hand Cut Finger Joints

Finger Joint Tutorial

How to make finger joints with hand tools. Handmade joint making is a skill that really separates the men from the boys. Besides making for a better joint, joints add a level of sophistication to wooden articles crafted using them that is unmatched while being able to make them with hand tools is an art. If you are interested in practicing this art, finger/box joints should be your first step in…


10 Woodworking Tips For Absolute Beginners

Tips For Beginners

Woodworking tips for beginners. Woodworking is a craft that rewards the woodworker with an object crafted by themselves. A hobby that allows them to give life to their ideas and so create articles that are beautiful, functional and unique. Getting started with a new hobby like woodworking can be a daunting endeavor. If you recently took up woodworking or maybe you’re still hanging in the balance trying to decide whether…


How To Make Money Woodworking – Turning Your Hobby Into A Income

Turning Your Hobby Into A Income

Woodworking – a hobby that can pay you for practicing it Your hobby is woodworking, you’ve got a couple of tools and have built a few project you’re quite proud of and now you’re asking yourself, “how to make money woodworking?”. Why would you want to make money with your hobby? Or more appropriately put, why wouldn’t you want to make money with your hobby. Woodworking can become an expensive…


Safety Equipment For Woodworking – Preventing Injury

Preventing injury in a woodworking shop

Work safe and stay safe. There are unfortunately many injuries associated with woodworking or more accurately the incorrect practicing thereof. These injuries can be as a result of a range of controllable situations like incorrect use of power tools or even poor housekeeping. For everything else, there are a great many, often inexpensive, safety controls and equipment available for the safe practice of woodworking.  Using the correct safety equipment for woodworking can…


Make Wood Filler With Sawdust – How And Why?

Why Make Your Own Wood Filler?

Wood filler, the beginner’s friend. Wood filler is often used to repair or restore damaged wooden articles by masking any cracks or indentations in the wood. The process involves filling the crack and after allowing the filler to cure, sanding it to a smooth, level finish. While this being the more common use for “wood makeup”, I find it to also be a great beginners woodworking tool. As beginners, you…