Measuring Tools For Woodworking – Beginner’s Essentials

Beginners Essentials

Fine woodworking is a craft weighed by accuracy. As I have stated in a previous article, the accuracy at which a woodworker executes the use of his tools is what, in most part, will determine the quality of their finished product. Uneven or poor fitting joints, miter joints that don’t form a 90° angle, wobbly furniture, etc are often as a result of faults made in the preparation phase of…


5 Essential Power Tools For Woodworking – The Beginners Guide

Power to the beginner. For millennia skilled craftsmen have worked and create with wood, one of the first materials to be worked by man, with crude and time-consuming tools to shape and build. In the ancient world, from Egypt to China, building shelter, furniture, transport and even more tools. But unlike poor Gordianus in ancient Rome breaking his back just to saw through a piece of wood with his old-faithful buck…


What Is A Miter Saw Used For?

No DIY’ers workshop is complete without a miter saw. Used for accurate and quick crosscuts into wood or aluminum at the desired angle, it is a definite must have for your home workshop. With blade sizes ranging from 7 – 12 inches, single or double bevel, compound angles and sliding function, there is a lot to consider when buying a miter saw. What is a Miter Saw? A miter saw is…