About woodworkjunkie.com – For the love of working with wood

Woodworkjunkie.com is a site dedicated to the weekend woodworker, the hobbyist.
People like myself who like to, in their free time, swap out the noise of their busy lives for the noise of a saw tearing through a piece of lumber.
People who enjoy the gratification of creating with wood something beautiful, functional, and/or unique.

I’m Jean Nel and Woodwork Junkie is my woodworking website.
A site born from my love of woodworking and my desire to share it with the world.

During the day I’m an electrical artisan but in my free time, I love keeping myself busy with whatever work I can find.

When I’m not doing something for the misses or helping out a neighbor with some home improvements, I’m in my small woodworking shop bringing my ideas to life.

On this site, I share content in the form of plans, tutorials, tool reviews, and pretty much everything else I get up to in my little shop.
Sharing it with anyone who might be interested or maybe is just looking for a little inspiration.


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How I got into woodworking

I always knew I loved working with my hands but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered my true passion, woodworking.

As a 27-year-old I was armed with my new found passion and a desire to succeed, but not much else. My tool arsenal was lacking and my experience was none existent. With the help of sites like this one, I managed to start small and before I knew it, I was rolling in the wonderful world of woodworking

My journey till now has been documented on this site and made available to anyone else who may be interested in following in my footsteps.

Getting started as a beginner, setting up shop, building the ultimate woodworking station, projects for beginners, and safety gear for woodworking are just the tip of what you will find on woodworkjunkie.com.

Working with wood can be a very rewarding hobby.


Armed with the right tool and the right approach, any project has the potential to be a success.
Happy woodworking.


For more info contact us: admin@woodworkjunkie.com
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