10 Great Gifts under $60 To Give To A Woodworking Enthusiast

Give the perfect gift for under a $60.00

At some point, I’m sure we have all experienced a bit of a mental block trying to decide on the perfect gift but if the gift to be given is intended for a passionate woodworker, look no further.

Within these 10 great gift ideas for woodworking enthusiast, you should find what you are looking for.

Our list was built with the woodworker in mind and so allowing the gift giver to give a gift that is functional and can be valued by the woodworker for years to come.

All items featured can be conveniently purchased from Amazon.com

10 gifts for woodworking enthusiast

1. Rotape beam compass – $29.38

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The first on our list is the Big Horn’s Rotape Beam Compass.

If a pencil scribe and a tape measure had a baby it would look something like this little guy.
A tool that tackles the often frustrating task of drawing a perfect circle to be used as a guide or cut line, head-on.
Besides being mainly used to draw perfect circles and arcs it can also be used to mark straight and also parallel lines.

The tape can extend up to 6 ft giving the woodworker the ability to draw a circle with a diameter of 12 ft, making circle marking a whole lot faster and easier.

2. 3M Worktunes Hearing Protection 90541.4DC – $49.08

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Woodworkers working with high noise producing equipment like table or miter saws need to protect their hearing. But instead of being left alone with your thoughts, like when wearing conventional hearing protection, with the 3M Worktunes you can jam out with your favorite song or just listen to the radio.

These muffs offer 24dB hearing protection with the added bonus of having built-in speakers with MP3 compatibility. Powering it up with 2 AA batteries (not included) gives you the exciting result of when being safe meets being entertained.

The 90542-3DC version comes with additional wireless Bluetooth comparability at $69.99

The 3M Worktunes comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

3. Kreg R3 Jr Pocket Hole Jig System – $39.00

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The odds are, if the special woodworker in your life does not have one of these yet, they will likely be wanting one.

Whether making a joint or repairing one, this compact tool will lend a hand. Just clamp it down and allow it to guide the drill bit to make the perfect pocket hole. Its size means it can fit in most tool bags and be used on the go.

With this jig, producing neat and quick pocket holes becomes a breeze and so cutting production time on the next wooden project to be built with a fair amount.

For $58.97 you can also opt for the Kreg R3 Jr that comes with a clamp designed to be used with it.

The Kreg R3 Jr comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. Bench Cookie Work Gripper by Bench Dog – $14.95

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Whether routing, sanding or treating, set the workpiece on top of these and you’re ready to go.

The high-friction rubber pads on the bench cookie grip the workpiece and hold it in place with no additional clamping required. This allows the woodworker to continue working on it hassle-free.

The Bench Dog Bench Cookies come in a pack of four that in addition to gripping the workpiece that is placed on top of them, also elevates it. This is particularly useful when treating wood as it gives the woodworker better access to the edges of the workpiece.

Every woodworker should have at least one set of these in their arsenal.

5. Bessy Pipe Clamps – $13.36

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A woodworker can never have enough clamps and as far as clamps go, pipe clamps are the bee’s knees with their great balance between power and versatility.

What makes pipe clamps so versatile is their ability to accept any length of pipe (sold separately) and so having no real limit in clamp length. The pipes can be easily interchanged by simply unscrewing the fitted pipe and screwing in a new pipe of the required length.

Bessy has you covered with the BPC-H12 1/2-inch H-style pipe clamp that includes features like a wide foot for stability and clearance and also soft jaws to prevent damaging softer woods and workpieces.

Bessy pipe clamps come with a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Bucket Boss Apron – $16.54

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This comfortable and durable full cover canvas apron does a great job at placing a layer between the woodworker and the workpiece.

It protects against projectiles while keeping the woodworker’s clothes cleaner.

The Bucket Boss Apron is great for DIY’ers with its 16 pockets and two loop holders so the woodworker can keep his most frequently used equipment close at hand. Things like pencils, tape measures, screwdrivers and even hammers can be stored in arms reach.

The belt can extend to fit a waist of up to 52-inches while the shoulder pads add comfort.

7. Leatherman Skeletool – $59.75

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As far as multi-tools go, Leatherman can’t be beaten and if you’re looking for a multi-tool that is good looking, compact and functional the Skeletool is the way to go.

7 tools are packed into a stylish stainless steel package that is the Leatherman Skeletool while being backed up by Leatherman’s impressive 25-year guarantee.

Thanks to its belt clip it can be carried around at all times so the woodworker can have it ready for most small quick fixes.

The Skeletools most notable features are its 420HC combo knife, needlenose pliers, and its large bit driver.

The tool is also available in blue and green casings.

8. Emerson Tool Co. C50 Contractor Straight Edge – $42.99

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A woodworkers craftsmanship is measured by the accuracy they use their tools.
With this contractors straight edge, delivering accurate and straight cuts have become much easier.

Clamp it down on a board and use it to guide power tools like routers or circular saws for perfectly straight cuts.

The Emerson Tool Co. C50 (50-inch) Contractors Straight Edge is made mostly from aluminum making it durable but also lightweight.

9. Eagle America Marking Center Finder – $17.99

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This is a great little tool to have around a shop.

It’s used to find and mark the exact center of a board which is particularly useful for jobs like joint making.

It’s accurate, easy to use and can be used to find and mark the center of boards up to 3-5/8 inch thick.

The Eagle America Marking Center Finder tool comes with the pencil included so the woodworker can start using it right away.

10. The Great Book Of Woodworking – $15.60

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Last but not least, opt for giving the gift of knowledge.

With the Great Book Of Woodworking Projects, the woodworker will have no shortage of inspiration thanks to its 50 great project plans covered in its 256 pages.
The plans are accompanied by illustrated instructions, tips, and expert advice.

Whether beginner or expert, the book has something for everyone and while some projects might only take a day or two to complete it also offers projects that will keep the woodworker busy a bit longer.

The Great Book Of Woodworking Projects is also available on Kindle for $9.68.



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  1. Woodwork is something that fascinates me. I would love to get into it some day. For now I will just keep reading your blog as it is very entertaining!

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