How To Make A Super Easy DIY Freestanding Wine Rack

Freestanding wine rack DIY – Build tutorial and plans We know there are many wine lovers out there who don’t enjoy the luxury of a large wine cellar to stockpile all their favorite vintages. As a result, we end up packing our favorites into crammed cupboards leaving little or no space for our enormous collections of plastic containers and the fondue set we got 10 years ago as a housewarming gift and have…


5 Super Easy To Medium Level Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Woodworking for beginners Getting your feet wet and exploring your new found love of woodworking as a hobbyist can be very exciting but suffering the often experienced frustration of a lack of inspiration is not so much. It is for that reason we have composed a short list of our favorite woodworking projects for beginners. All of the projects on our list are projects I have built myself when I was…


Floating (Wall Mount) TV Cabinet Plans And Build Tutorial – Fast Build Projects To Sell

Floating TV cabinet build tutorial Whether a beginner looking for their first furniture project or a more seasoned woodworker looking for an easy project to sell, look no further than Woodwork Junkie’s floating tv cabinet. A beautiful wall mount cabinet that is simple in design and easy to build. It incorporates a very convenient cavity behind the cabinet that allows for wiring and the mounting bracket to be out of sight….


Why I Don’t Trust Wood Profits By Jim Morgan | An Honest Review

Why I don’t trust Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits raised my suspicions when I first came across the website about 4 months ago and although I’m not saying Wood Profits is a scam there are many components of its promise that has me questioning its legitimacy. What is “Wood Profits”? Wood Profits is a book or more specifically a guide to achieving success with woodworking and turning…


Ultimate Pallet Breaker Tool (Plans)

DIY Pallet Stripper Woodworking with reclaimed wood and pallet wood especially has become very popular as of late. With the ever increasing and quite exorbitant prices tag placed on exotic woods, people often opt to build with pallet wood. Things like garden furniture and decorative fixtures are examples of articles where hardwoods would generally be overkill. The largest downside of building with pallet wood is the quite labored and time-consuming endeavor of…


All You Need To Know About Saw Blades – Choosing A Table Saw Blade

Carbide tip saw blades Odds are, when buying a new saw, whether table, circular or miter, it often comes fitted with a mediocre blade. While these types of blades are often all-rounders and are more than good enough to produce most cuts well enough, in some cases the woodworker may want to opt for a blade better suited to a specific task. In this articles we will be looking at all…


How To Make Quality Hand Cut Finger Joints

Finger Joint Tutorial

How to make finger joints with hand tools. Handmade joint making is a skill that really separates the men from the boys. Besides making for a better joint, joints add a level of sophistication to wooden articles crafted using them that is unmatched while being able to make them with hand tools is an art. If you are interested in practicing this art, finger/box joints should be your first step in…


Dog Feeding Station Plans – Large Breed Feeder With Food Storage

Raised Dog Feeder Plans

Raised dog feeder with sliding drawer for food. Your best friend deserves more than eating off the ground.Let them dine is style. With the Woodwork Junkie raised dog feeding station plans and tutorial, build a feeding station for large breeds. The beauty of this raised feeder is the easy access to the dry dog food stored inside. Note that as the design dimensions are dependent on the size of the container…


10 Woodworking Tips For Absolute Beginners

Tips For Beginners

Woodworking tips for beginners. Woodworking is a craft that rewards the woodworker with an object crafted by themselves. A hobby that allows them to give life to their ideas and so create articles that are beautiful, functional and unique. Getting started with a new hobby like woodworking can be a daunting endeavor. If you recently took up woodworking or maybe you’re still hanging in the balance trying to decide whether…