How To Make Money Woodworking – Turning Your Hobby Into A Income

Turning Your Hobby Into A Income

Woodworking – a hobby that can pay you for practicing it Your hobby is woodworking, you’ve got a couple of tools and have built a few project you’re quite proud of and now you’re asking yourself, “how to make money woodworking?”. Why would you want to make money with your hobby? Or more appropriately put, why wouldn’t you want to make money with your hobby. Woodworking can become an expensive…


Safety Equipment For Woodworking – Preventing Injury

Preventing injury in a woodworking shop

Work safe and stay safe. There are unfortunately many injuries associated with woodworking or more accurately the incorrect practicing thereof. These injuries can be as a result of a range of controllable situations like incorrect use of power tools or even poor housekeeping. For everything else, there are a great many, often inexpensive, safety controls and equipment available for the safe practice of woodworking.  Using the correct safety equipment for woodworking can…


The Best Leatherman Multi-Tool? Charge TTi Review

A look at the Charge TTI

Leatherman Charge TTI multi-tool review “The only tool I own that is very close to always with me is my Leatherman Charge.” Leatherman claims the Charge TTi was born after combining the most requested features and so creating what is considered to be the best Leatherman Multi-tool by many. Product Overview Weight: 8.2 oz/232 g Closed length: 4 in/10 cm Tools: 19 Warranty: 25 years Expect to pay: $170.00 We rate:…


DIY Wooden Guitar Stand With basic Power Tools

DIY Guitar stand with basic power tools

Easy build wooden guitar stand The Woodwork Junkie easy build DIY guitar stand is a great beginners project that only requires basic woodworking power tools. Make one for yourself and display your guitar in style or build a stand and sell it to make a few bucks. Either way, this is a simple project that can yield beautiful results. Great for woodworking enthusiasts of all skill levels. Tools and materials…


Make Wood Filler With Sawdust – How And Why?

Why Make Your Own Wood Filler?

Wood filler, the beginner’s friend. Wood filler is often used to repair or restore damaged wooden articles by masking any cracks or indentations in the wood. The process involves filling the crack and after allowing the filler to cure, sanding it to a smooth, level finish. While this being the more common use for “wood makeup”, I find it to also be a great beginners woodworking tool. As beginners, you…


Cordless vs Corded – Drills For Woodworking

Drills for woodworking

Drills for woodworking. Power drills are more often than not a DIY fanatics first power tool purchased and with good reason. Their ability to chew holes in wood and various other materials or drive a screw with ease is what make them an essential power tool for woodworking. Although a power drills function is a simple one you will find it to be one that is needed more often than not on…


Woodworking Projects For Beginners – Magnetic Hookless Key Hanger

Quick and easy woodworking projects for beginners In this easy woodworking projects for beginners tutorial, we will show how to make a hookless key hanger using magnets. Tools you’ll need Router with profiled bit Drill with fostner bit Saw (If wood needs sizing) Materials you’ll need Glue 4 X Magnets Wood stain with a brush or sponge for application Double sided tape Piece of wood 3 x 10″ The magnets Unfortunately,…


An infinity Mirror Coffee Table Building Tutorial

Stare into infinity… An infinity mirror is an object that incorporates the reflection of light inside a mirrored box to produce a quite spectacular illusion. The illusion is obtained when bouncing light between two reflective surfaces while one of these surfaces is slightly transparent. The transparent surface allows the observer to view this movement of light from outside the box and so creating the illusion of staring into infinity.  …


Making A Cutting Board From Scrap Wood – Easy

Wooden cutting board from scrap wood – Making your own Hardwood cutting boards add a certain panache to a kitchen thanks to their functionality coupled with their stylishness. Floating around your favorite stores you may have noticed that these boards don’t come cheap considering its’s just a piece of wood…or is it? Wooden cutting boards have a huge advantage over their glass and plastic counterparts. Why? Well, when working with…


How to? – DIY Table Saw Push Stick

A push stick A simple and easily produced tool that might just save you from a world of discomfort. This is the Woodwork Junkie “How to?” – DIY table saw push stick making tutorial for beginners. What it is. A push stick is a tool that can be bought or alternatively, easily produced yourself and although very simple in design, plays an important role in the safety operating procedures of…