Router Table Added To ALL-IN-ONE Woodworking Workstation – PART 8

Making the most of a small shop – PART 8

After months of planning and building, I have finally reached the last tool to be added to my All-In-One Woodworking Workstation. The router table.

Adding a router table to the bench would greatly increase its functionality and I probably should have added one sooner but I was holding out to make up my mind about the best router to use for the addition.

Shortly before making the final addition to the bench I made up my mind and bought myself the Triton MOF001. A router specifically designed for table mounting.

Installations already included in my All-In-One Woodworking Workstation:


Router table

A simple way to add a router to a bench top is by using a commercially bought router insert base plate but I was on a tight budget so I opted to make my own. I would then need to simply make a cutout in the bench top for my “homemade” insert and then assemble an adjustable fence guide.

By using the Triton router I would have the added functionality of adjusting the cutter height from above the bench top by using the height adjustment winder supplied with the router.

PART 8 – Cheap DIY Router Table Added To All-In-One Bench

The instructions that follow are intended to be considered along with the video instructions provided above.

Tool layout of the completed bench.

Step 1: The Insert

The first step in installing my router to my All-In-One Woodworking Workstation was making the table insert which I would be mounting the router to.
To do this I cut a 320mm(12-1/2″) circle from a piece of 10mm(25/64″) plexiglass using the circle jig supplied with my Triton router.

In the center of the round cut plexiglass, a cutout was made using a hole saw for the bit to protrude when the router is mounted upside down.

The router was then fixed to the circle cutout using counter sunk screws.

Step 2: The Top Cutouts

The next step was making the bench top cutout into which the insert will be installed.

To do this the router circle jig was used once again.

A circle was cut into the bench top to match the already prepared insert in size and depth.

After this, a second circle was cut all the way through the bench top but slightly smaller than the first.
This was to create a step that the insert would be fixed to.

With the insert prepped and its cutout made I needed to make further cutouts into which I would be installing store bought aluminium t-slots.

Two t-slots were installed for mounting an adjustable fence while a 3rd was installed at a 90° angle of the first two that would be used for feather boards and cutting jigs.

To make the cutouts a makeshift guide was used along with the depth restriction mechanism on my router.

Step 3: The Fence

All the cutouts were made and it was time to assemble a fence.

Using 18mm(23/32″) MDF I cut all the component that would make up my router fence.

I included a port to attach my dust collector and a t-slot that can be used for jigs and feather boards.


With the router installed my vision of an All-In-One Woodworking Workstation has been given life and though I still have big plans to make the most of my small workshop I think this bench was a great idea.

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  1. Hi,

    Wonderful set of videos. I’m interested in possibly building an all in one for my shop. Other than what you’ve outlined above, do you have any detailed plans for the table? Please let me know.

    1. Hi Chris

      Many people have made the same request but I simply did not have the time to redraw the entire plan as it consists of about 80 components. I decided to pay an engineer to draw these plans on my behalf and I have recently received the full +/-100 page plan. The plans will be sold on this website for $9.90 in downloadable pdf form. I am currently waiting on some legal documentation after which I will make the plans live. You can follow my YouTube channel where I will announce when they are out.


  2. Hi there

    Excellent video. Thank you. Where is Sa do you buy your spiral upcut bit? Been looking and can’t find any!

  3. Hi Jean,
    Have just bought the plans, but would really like a summary BOM (and cut list) if you had it?

  4. Jean
    Thank you for your great videos. I enjoyed the safety & detail you go to in all your work. I am new to your site but have fallen in love with your w/bench.
    I will look further at your site/projects with enthusiasm & grab a T to assist in any way. Will get back to get your plans at the same time.
    Ciao mate & well done.

  5. Hi Jean, I am at the stage of putting the router into the table but noticed you mentioned you where originally going. to place it where the compressor is. I am either going to put a smaller compressor or no compressor in so I am interested in possibly placing the router next to the table saw. Was there any particular reason that you decided against putting it in this space. Cheers Scott

    1. Hi Scott,

      Ideally, I would prefer my router next to my table saw. I moved it because I was considering a smaller router when I designed the bench. I then purchased the Triton and the larger size of it resulted in me not being able to fit the router above the compressor.

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