Woodshop Junkies All-In-One Woodworking Bench PLANS


Detailed Woodshop Junkies All-In-One Woodworking Workstation plans (103 pages) in METRIC and IMPERIAL.
The plans contain no additional information such as electrical wiring, dust collection piping layout, etc

Redistribution or resale of these plans is NOT allowed!

Terms & Conditions

Download Metric or Imperial cutting list (PDF)






After designing and building my version of an ALL-IN-ONE woodworking workstation I have been flooded with request for more detailed plans to explain how I went about assembling it.

The redrawn plans have now finally been made available for purchase here. (Better late than never)

These are the plans I designed and represent the exact dimensions I followed while building my ALL-IN-ONE bench as shown on my YouTube channel, Woodshop Junkies.



Available in METRIC and IMPERIAL units.

The bench was designed and built using the metric system. All dimensions were converted directly to imperial units and are therefore expressed in thousands of an inch.

Download cutting list

Example of plans in metric units.


IMPORTANT! – Disclaimer

The dimensions of these plans have been developed specifically to fit and accommodate my tools and equipment. (Adjustment would be necessary to adapt the bench design to fit/accommodate different makes and models)
I am NOT a professional woodworker or qualified engineer and these plans do not constitute professional advice of any kind. They are made available purely for entertainment and information purposes.

NO long term test has been done to determine the effects of storing and using tools and power tools as they are stored and used on this bench.

Always refer to the user manuals of your equipment for the correct operating procedure.

The use of these plans is done entirely at the user’s own risk.
Woodshop Junkies will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury incurred due to any form of use of these plans.

Posted by Jean

Website: http://woodworkjunkie.com

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  1. Hi I have paid for the plans and il a bit confused? I work in, inches and feet but it’s not making sense I don’t know if I’m reading it wrong

        1. I converted the imperial directly from the metric and expressed in 1000th of an inch. Reason being that I have no idea what standard sizes are in the US.

        2. Just use a conversion tool on Google or print out a table sheet with the conversions. Or just use metric. I use imperial but I’ve heard metric is much simpler plus in the US we have been taught both technically.

        3. The conversion from metric to inches in decimal format is more accurate. I use the inches in decimal in many programs as it allows the ability to create more accurate designs when converting from metric to imperial. I personally use the inches in decimal daily when working with Vectric’s VCarve Pro application.

        4. Multiply the decimal number by the increment you want . Example : 0.125 X 16 equals 2. 2/16 equals 1/8. But the easiest way is to get yourself a fraction to decimal conversion chart. Wall mounted ones are available from any supply store, usually free of charge

      1. Hi,
        I bought the plans for imperial measurements. I was able to convert the decimal measurements to the imperial measurements however the cuts of wood and thickness of wood that is sold here in the us are different and won’t match up. Any solution for that? I’m sure the surfaces would be OK but it is the side paneling and fitting the drawers that will be a problem.

      1. I would be happy to pay more for a Sketchup file so that I can modify a few things to fit my space and needs. Do you have plans to create a Sketchup file?

        1. Hey JR,

          I don’t draw using Sketchup and the software I use uses a different file format. I will look into import export options to see if it is possible to get the drawings compatible with Sketchup.

          1. The Drawing design not in SketchUp was my no go points. Not be able to see and adjust the design is a big issue.

          2. Hi Robert,

            The software I use for my designs is not compatible with Sketchup. I am looking into a file format that would be able to be imported into Sketchup.

          3. Thanks for the reply. I’ll buy these plans and see if I can recreate them in Sketchup. Looking forward to building this. I really appreciate your videos and the plans.

          4. Hey Jean,
            I also would be happy to pay more for a Sketchup file so have you got one from JR? (sorry, can’t reply/ask him there is no option). No problem to render and share it myself but why duplicate the work has already done.

          5. Hi,

            The problem I am facing is that the software I am using can’t do the required formats. I will be switching over to a new software this year and making such formats available. I am starting a new version of the bench this year and those plans will be made available in SketchUp file also.

      2. I really like this workbench and I probably could do it just using metric. The problem I’m having is how I would able to compensate and adjust for the difference in wood thickness. So, I was wondering if anybody has built one here in the states, that could lend some tips on building this workbench

    1. Which software did you use? Looks like solidworks? Would be pretty keen on getting what ever file it is that you’ve used and seeing what I can do

  2. Do not have a planer, but want add bench top router, drill press & a scroll saw. That can tuck out of the way to have a flat surface to use my table saw, Thank you.

  3. How did you figure out how to fold down the miter saw (i.e. where to make the pivot so it all went under the benchtop)? I want to do something similar to my workbench. My miter saw is much larger than yours; what considerations should I keep in mind?

    1. I needed to consider the depth of the saw base with relation to the bench top and also the pivot point with relation to the saw base.
      The distance between the saw base and the side panel (when folded down) needed to be enough to accommodate the height of the saw. In an ideal situation I would have simply placed the pivot all the way at the back of the folding bed. I couldn’t do this however, because the distance from the pivot to the floor would then be less than the distance from the pivot to the side of the bench. This meant that the saw would not be able to fold down all the way.
      I moved the pivot point forward a bit (toward the outer edge of the bench) but the part of the saw bed behind the pivot
      point couldn’t be more than the distance from the pivot point to the bench top. The reason for this is because when folding the bed down the part of
      the bed that is behind the pivot point would move up.

      I really hope this makes sense.

      1. What if instead of folding the saw away as in your current design, you build the saw plate on a rotation that could spin clockwise/ counter clockwise. The opening/plate might have to be wider, but in my minds eye it would solve your issues. 🙂
        I love your videos! You are an excellent teacher. I wish my daughter and I could learn from you in person! Sometimes we have to pause rewind and play again sooo many times. Thanks again for your videos!

  4. Would you be able to give an idea of how much wood is required for this project to be able to know how much would I would need to buy but before I actually purchase the plans. I basically want to work out how affordable it is to build this table. Looks amazing but no point buying plans now if the wood is gonna cost too much.

    1. Hi Dave

      Because I built the bench in stages using salvaged plywood I don’t really have a set cutting list. I will look into it and see what I can do.

  5. hi, I love this table and want to buy the plans. However, not being set up yet and a novice woodworker, I really need the cutting list! When will you have this available? Thanks

    1. I understand and apologize for the delay. I will try to get a bit more info on the cutting list out within the next two weeks.

  6. Hey I just bought the plans for this workbench I know someone asked you recently about a cut list I am just checking to see about how long until you think you will have it. I want to make a list of material I will need and buy everything at once.

  7. It seems as though you are making updates to the plans (cut list, sketchup or simliar plans)…I am wondering if you purchased the plans in the past will one be able to get the updated plans as you make changes?

  8. Hi Jean,

    Just checking in as I have been waiting on the cutting list and don’t see it posted, were you going to send it out in an email? Desperate to start my work bench!

    1. Hi Kristeen,

      The cutting lists have been added to this post. You will find the link at the top left of the page under the product description.

  9. Hi Jean

    I watched all your video series on the all-in-one workbench. Excellent project, I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing this. I wanted to start planning something based on this and right away I couldn’t understand how you managed to fit everything in there. That was until I went back to video one and heard you say that it was a 1.6m x 2.5m workbench. Here in the UK it seems all our sheet material is maxed out at 1.22m x 2.44m which means I’m 14″ out on the width right away.

    Thought I’d mention it for the benefit of others. Wonder why we have this difference though?

    It’s been over a year since you built this, any regrets or tweaks you wish you’d made?


    1. Hey James,

      There are a few things that I would do differently. I have considered a few modifications and improvements. I am planning on rebuilding a second/better version of the bench for my new shop.

      1. That’s great to hear there will be more content based on this workbench.

        One of the reason why I loved your series was that you have the same problem with space as I do. I see all too often people on YT showcasing their problem with space as they only have 75ft square workshop and I feel soooo sorry for them 😛

        Good luck with it all and I look forwarding to browsing more of your channel

    2. I live in the uk too you can get sheet material in larger sizes but need to use a builders merchants rather than the DIY outlets. 3050mm x 1525mm (10ft x 5ft) may have to special order them but you should only need one sheet for the top.

  10. Hi Jean,

    I really like your design and plan to purchase a set of plans. If I may make a suggestion regarding this video. I watched all of the build videos and it was great to see how each new completed section worked at the end of its respective video. I believe your plans will sell better if this video included a ‘walk around’ and demonstration of the finished product showing how each of the sections work. Some people may not want to spend the time watching each build video unless they can see how the finished product works first.

    I am looking forward to getting started once I download your plans. We have a two car garage that we have never been able to park a car in. After being married for 43 years, I think it’s time to at least make room enough for my wife’s car. 😉

      1. Hey Jean,

        Started building my version of your all-in-one workstation just using your videos. Was having trouble finding the bushings with flanges for the stainless steel rods. I am using 1 inch outside diameter pipe. Do you have a source for a fit for this size pipe? Thanks for the videos and your response!

        Best Regards,


  11. Jean,

    Love the plan and after everyone I looked at, your plan was the one. I purchased them today as It was everything I was looking for an just what I’d expect a bench to be.

    Well done mate!

    Now one question for you…
    The cut list you provided is in a jpg or gif format. I was wondering if you had it in a csv format so that I could import it into http://www.cutlistoptimizer.com to simplify and figure out what my costs will be to build this bench.

    Many thanks for what you’ve provided for us

    (I’m getting a severe case of deja vu…if I asked this already, sorry 😀 )

    1. Hey Gary,

      I will need to check into that for you. After I design and build my projects I hand my drawings over to someone else to re-draw them to be more “user-friendly” for the website. I am not sure what software he uses and what its abilities are.

  12. Jean, first Thank You for doing this! It really makes the first step much easier when it comes to building one of my own.

    Quick heads up though, if you do plan to integrate this project into sketchup, your dimensions don’t work out. I am not sure about other CAD type software, however I can’t see that it would be much different. While drawing up the base, the dimensions given overlapped one another by more than 3/8 of an inch. Not a lot but when each side is off by 3/8 it comes out to be a good chunk. I will finish modeling it later today, if you would like to take a look.

    Thanks again for making this available and for the videos as well.

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention and please do send me an email on what you find.
      The imperial plans have been converted directly from my metric design so it is possible that a hickup could have occurred.

  13. Jean,
    I love this work bench I’m going to buy the plans and use the metric cut list. I know this probably is a stupid question but, I know all of you dimensions are in metric so I’m going to use that cut list to make my cuts just want to clarify since im used to inches and feet as well the dimensions are mm correct?
    Thanks again for a great build

    1. Hey Mike,
      There are metric and imperial versions of the plans. Keep in mind that I designed and built the bench in metric. The imperial plans have been converted directly from metric and are expressed in thousands of an inch.

  14. Howdy… I have been trying to get hold of you for a little while as I recently purchased your all in one workbench plan, paid via PayPal but never rec’d a link or download…. so money for nothing at present ☹️. If you can reply to my email and send me either the odd or the link to download… thanks v much.

    Ps. Love the YouTube channel… gonna be making the workbench then using to make some other of your items

      1. Woot! Woot!
        Congrats Jean on your recent nuptials.
        Also thanks for all the effort you put into your video series.
        I know it takes a lot to not only do the actual project, but also planning the video shots and editing.
        Especially at the level of quality that you are producing.
        Best wishes to you and your spouse on your new adventure.
        My wife and I have been married almost 40 years and having the right partner to tackle life together makes the journey worth making. 🙂

  15. I really love your plans and was wondering with the cut list is there a way you can update with a shopping list of material needed to build this I can’t seem to find it if you have already posted such a list thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Unfortunately, the cutting list is all I can make available at this point. The plans are being purchased by people all over the world while I live in South Africa. The standard sizes and wood available to people differ by region and therefore it would be very difficult for me to make a single, universal material list available.

  16. Hey Jeff, I really like your table and i am planning on making something similar this winter. How did you determine the divisions of your table in Part #1? Did you just do something that looked right and spread the weight or was that design specific to the measurements of each of your tools?

  17. Hi Jean,

    I purchased the plans and have not received a link to download. Can you please touch base via email? Big fan of the website/videos.


  18. Unable to pay for plans getting error •PayPal error (10002): An error (10002) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.

  19. Love the videos. Can’t wait to buy the plans when PayPal is back up. Trying to imagine how to convert the table to 4’ X 8’ dimensions as that is the largest dimensions of wood i can find here in US (like the UK comment above 1.22×2.44 metric). Do you think there would be any problem with laying two tops together (there would obviously be a seam to sand…)? Blessings & thanks!

    1. I have been made aware of this by others who are in the US and they have managed to overcome the supply issue by using two sheets as you have said. The seam shouldn’t be a problem if you orientate it in a way that will still allow maximum functionality.

      1. Hi Jean,
        I’ve re-watched all the videos in preparation for clearing the garage & building my version of the bench, thanks for the inspiration.
        For all those in the UK it is possible to obtain Birch ply at 1525mm x 3050mm (5ft x 10ft) from https://www.lathamtimber.co.uk/products/panels
        I’m not sure if they will sell small orders to the public, but it is available & should be possible to order via any timber merchant. MDF is also available in similar sizes and more thicknesses.
        Very interested in one of your recent posts about a modular construction – might have to think this through a bit more before I start building….

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I have been on the phone with PayPal and they have assured me that I will be getting a reply from them about my account in 48hours. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.

  20. Hi, I apparently gave the wrong email when I bought the All in One Table plans. When I went to look for my order # in my mail, I couldn’t find Woodshop Junkies. Then when I tried to log in to Woodshop Junkie website it said invalid email. So I did something wrong. Is there a way to get them re-sent to me ? Or do I need to repurchase ? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. Jean,
    Just an idea for your next version of the workbench.
    How about each of the stations being modular independent cabinets that can be locked together to form your large workbench. This would allow you to change from a single large work table to moving some of the cabinets against the wall of the workshop or even outside of the workshop. This might especially be useful if your new workshop is larger where maybe you would want the stations along the wall most of the time, however still bring them together for a large project. …. just a thought.

    1. Oh I forgot to add… the reason I was thinking of independent modular stations, was that it would make it easier to move via vehicles to a new location. Like if you sell your house and move to our great state of Virginia here in the US. 🙂

    2. Funny enough, I have started designing a replacement bench that works pretty much exactly as you describe. I plan to start building it early in the new year.

  22. so I couldn’t help but notice in your comments you say you don’t use sketch up and couldn’t provide modifiable sketch up file yet at the bottom of your web site you promote sketch up. did something change and now there are sketch up files to be purchased? Planning on purchasing the plans and sketch up would be a huge decision maker for me!

    1. Hi Brent,
      Sadly, no. Sketch-up files are not available. I have noted the request and I will definitely keep it in mind when drawing up plans in the future.

  23. I want to order the plans but need dimensions first to make sure it fits in my space. Could you please giver overall dimensions in inches? Thank you so much. Also is it a pdf file that is downloaded?

    1. The version of the bench I built is 95×63″. The design can be adapted to suit your space. I have received many pics from people that have done just that.
      The plans are pdf format yes.

  24. Hi Jean, Great bench!! your idea is mind blowing. Will be buying your plan but will modify it to suit my needs. Wondering if you would have an idea on the fold away for the miter saw. I have a 12 inch Milwaukee miter saw with the slides at the base flush to the table, So when I would slide out it will hit the back top of the work bench!!! Any ideas???? please help…

    1. Ah, that’s a tricky one. I can’t really think of a quick fix. The only thing I can think of is raising the saw so the slide would pass over the top but that would defeat the purpose because the bed would no longer sit flush with the benchtop. Could making the top cut-out longer maybe be a solution?

  25. Hi Jean,

    Thank you so much for your videos and I plan to make a bench modified to my own tools. I saw in the comments that you plan to make an updated version of this bench and possibly plans to go with it. My question is, do you have a timeline for when this will be done, because if the bench needed improvements I would rather build the improved version. Also, can you talk about some of the improvements that you needed/want to make?

    1. Hi Steve,

      The cornerstone of my new design is my table saw. I am planning on upgrading to a larger saw but because I am a hobbyist I feel that buying a new table saw isn’t justified. I am currently looking for a used saw that I can either repair or restore. Before I find my new saw I can’t start building my new bench because the design is heavily dependant on the saw dimension. That’s why it’s hard to give a timeline. I could find my replacement saw tomorrow but it could also take a couple of weeks.

      I am planning on making my new bench modular. I also plan on removing some of my current additions and replacing them with features I think would make the bench a more effective shop addition.


  26. Great bench, really enjoyed your videos. I moved into a larger house and need one of these – my workshop area is about 15.5ft by 26.5ft.

    I see your V2 would likely be modular – that’s what I was thinking before I saw your comment! Great minds, eh? 🙂 I would sometimes want to roll the unit into the garage, but it would need to go down a ramp – your current build would be too big and probably have issues with load on casters as it went over the edge, but a modular version would be perfect!

    When do you think you’ll have plans for the modular version? If not for a while, I could just wing it – but if you could share details on how you’d connect the units together that would be awesome.

    Also, would you make any modifications (like maybe doubling up lumber on the legs) if you were making the top thicker? I’m thinking either 2 layers of plywood or a butcher block top made from glued 2x4s.

    Modifications I’d make to mine:
    – possibly make a joiner station somewhere?
    – delete the compressor – I’d make a separate cabinet for that if I felt I needed it
    – delete the dust collector section and just put a central port for connecting to a shop vac or other independent collector
    – thicker top, at least on one of the units like the workbench.
    – possibly upgrade fences to something like incra or kreg, especially if they were shared with the router

    Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers. M

    1. Hi Mark,

      Your input is great and I agree with all of them. I am planning on removing the compressor and dust collection system. Also, I have a bit more to spend on my new bench than I had when I built my original so I am looking at better options for the top. How I am locking the benches together is a critical part of my design so I have been spending a fair amount of time on that but I haven’t finalized my design. I want the mechanism to be able to lock the benches together but also lock the bench to the wall. As for a timeframe, sadly I can’t give you one. My new design is going to be dependant on my equipment dimensions and I am looking at first upgrading a few things such as my table saw.

      1. Jean-Great job on the video. Looking forward to your next build.

        Can you expand on why are you considering removing the compressor and dust collection components from your original design?

        1. When I built my original bench I was renting my home. Since then I bought my own house. This means I can now fix things to the walls. I am considering mounting my dust collection and air-lines overhead now.

  27. Hi Jean,
    I’m really interested on the project but my tools is different size from yours (I’ve vertical compressor, different bench saw etc…). It’s possible to have an editable version of the project? I use fusion 360

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t. I have recently switched over to Fusion 360 myself and will be making such files available on my future projects. Including my version 2 of the bench.

  28. Great Idea, I have a one vehicle garage that I am turning into a workshop and also have limited space.
    The only problem i might have is the fence on my table saw, IE: getting it to slide out for larger cuts as my fence attaches on a slide at the front and back(dewalt).
    Do you have a suggestion to solve that?


    1. If it is the rack and pinion type fence I would suggest adding a slot behind the saw to accommodate the fence. It has been done by others with similar dilemmas.

  29. I recently purchased your all in one workbench plan, paid via PayPal but never received a link or download…. I sent you an email with the payment information. If you can reply to my email and send me either the plans or the link to download I would appreciate it very much.

  30. Hi,
    Can you confirm the dimensions for your cut list? Is it Width x length x height? 20mm seems a bit big for plywood here in OZ.
    Thanks, completely new to woodwork but your plan and style gives me confidence.

  31. When will you have version 2 of the bench ready for review and plans available for download?

    Like your work and your passion.

    1. It is very hard to say at this stage. I am looking at a new table saw. The dimensions of which I would need to incorporate into my new design. Due to lockdown, I can’t get my saw yet.

  32. Hi Jean,

    May seem like a silly question, as I noticed you use two drills, one for drilling and one for driving in screws, why not just use an impact driver?

    Also I saw a comment about connecting benches together, not sure if you’ve seen these tee nuts, here’s a link to an NZ site, but I’m sure your be able to get them in SA:


    or if you look into something like a bayonet style of bolt / screw, although you may need to make it, we use Dzus fasteners in aviation for quick release panels:


    I’m sure you’d be able to get a chinesium version of them (aliexpress, ebay, etc)

    or an over-centre locking cam would work too

    Ah hope you and your family have got through the lockdown ok!!!



    1. Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

      I actually have 3 cordless drills that I use most often and though I don’t have an impact driver yet, I am hoping to get one at some point.

  33. Hi Jean,

    love your videos, watched them all over the last two days, very creative. I’m very interested in a modular version of the workbench, am working on my own design right now as I need something immediately or I’d wait for your design but will watch your build with interest. Have you seen the modular workbench over at Paoson Woodworking? He is a pro, I could never build what he builds however his modular design is great although it doesn’t accommodate tools, its a more conventional woodworking table on the top with storage underneath. He has a system to connect the work units together which looks robust but simple.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Hi Jean,

    I really appreciate your videos. I’ll be making one similar do to my spacing.

    The one thing that I don’t remember seeing or could find in your videos, is how you installed the wiring for your work bench. I’m trying to figure out how to wire up a NVR switch in the system. I want one main power line coming into the table to for the 5 pieces of equipment, (not all used at the same time). Also having outlets for hand held power tools.

    With this in mind how would I connect two automated vacuum switch in tandem for the tools. So that way I could use any of the equipment and the vacuum would turn on and off.

    Do you have the information on the electrical parts used for The air compressor.

    I live in the United States..

    Thank you very much

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have much info on the electricals. I also run one supply to my bench and disperse from there but I didn’t do a video or post on it. For your vac switches, I would suggest building a splitter box and power socket assembly that can be installed on the secondary of the vac switches. Any power drawn from it would trigger the dust collection. Have a power socket added to the assembly would allow you to use other handheld tools with the auto-start switches also.

  35. Hi Jean,

    I have paid for the plans and downloaded the metric set, but the imperial will not download. I keep getting an error that says “Too many requests”.

    Can you perhaps send me the direct download link, or let me know once it is fixed?

      1. Hello Jean,

        I seem to have had the same issue as the man above. Thanks for the great plans. I will send an email as well.

  36. Just downloaded these plans. I cant wait to start building this. I am going to make this out of 8020 aluminum to reduce the weight. By any chance did you switch to the new program for sketchup file? Also I read you were removing compressor and vacuum, is that for a heat issue?

  37. Jean, it seems I am having the same problem with the imperial plans. I purchased the plans yesterday and I am un able to download the imperial plans. I have sent an e mail but have not gotten a response.

      1. Hi Jean,
        Love your work & videos. My boyfriend and I are building a woodshop in our backyard and your workbench has inspired us. He is a journeyman carpenter, but it’s been awhile since he’s had the pleasure of building something custom just for himself, so we are super excited to get to started on the build! I bought the plans via Paypal this morning but i am getting the same “too many requests” error message that some of the others have mentioned above. I will send you an e-mail in addition to this comment.
        Looking forward to your upcoming projects & their videos.
        Have a wonderful day 🌞
        ~Kari 🦋

  38. Hi Jean
    I have been holding off buying plans because you have mentioned that you are producing plans for version2.
    Can I ask when you will start build and presumably filming v2 build.

    1. As soon as I finish my saw restoration because it will be the centerpiece of my new bench. Sorry, it is taking so long. 2020 has been crazy.

  39. hi Jean,
    berichtje uit nederland. kan je dit lezen??

    just kidding

    I read in some of the messages above that you are thinking of a new workbench, a modular one.
    i saw this from another youtuber:


    I think this is a very interesting design because of the mounting and fixating systems, but for you needs modification because in this workbench you cannot hide your machine?

    I hope this info is useful to you.


    1. Sadly no. When the plans were originally developed it didn’t occur to me to add them. That’s my fault and something I will keep in mind when developing similar projects.

  40. Hello,
    I just purchased your plans for your All-In-One woodworking bench plans 13/03/2021 and I am having trouble downloaded the Imperial version. It keeps displaying a message Too Many Requests.
    I can download the metric version just fine. Can you email me the Imperial version or fix your website so it will download

    Woodshop Junkies All-In-One Woodworking Bench PLANS × 1

    Thank you,
    Tommy McCormick

  41. Dear Jean,

    I bought the All-In-One Woodworking Bench plan using PayPal, but I haven’t received a link or the pdf file itself that I could download yet. Maybe I messed up something or I didn’t fill out the form correctly.
    Please send me the file or a link in a reply letter so that I can create my own workbench using your description. Thank you very much.
    I look forward to your reply!

    Tamás Herbák

  42. Hi,

    Tried to buy the plans but paypal kicked me out. It seems payment not secure. Is there any other way of paying ?

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