Woodshop Junkies All-In-One Woodworking Bench PLANS


Detailed Woodshop Junkies All-In-One Woodworking Workstation plans (103 pages) in METRIC and IMPERIAL.
The plans contain no additional information such as electrical wiring, dust collection piping layout, etc

Redistribution or resale of these plans is NOT allowed!

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After designing and building my version of an ALL-IN-ONE woodworking workstation I have been flooded with request for more detailed plans to explain how I went about assembling it.

The redrawn plans have now finally been made available for purchase here. (Better late than never)

These are the plans I designed and represent the exact dimensions I followed while building my ALL-IN-ONE bench as shown on my YouTube channel, Woodshop Junkies.



Available in METRIC and IMPERIAL units.

The bench was designed and built using the metric system. All dimensions were converted directly to imperial units and are therefore expressed in thousands of an inch.

Example of plans in metric units.


IMPORTANT! – Disclaimer

The dimensions of these plans have been developed specifically to fit and accommodate my tools and equipment. (Adjustment would be necessary to adapt the bench design to fit/accommodate different makes and models)
I am NOT a professional woodworker or qualified engineer and these plans do not constitute professional advice of any kind. They are made available purely for entertainment and information purposes.

NO long term test has been done to determine the effects of storing and using tools and power tools as they are stored and used on this bench.

Always refer to the user manuals of your equipment for correct operating procedure.

Use of these plans is done entirely at the user’s own risk.
Woodshop Junkies will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury incurred due to any form of use of these plans.

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  1. Hi I have paid for the plans and il a bit confused? I work in, inches and feet but it’s not making sense I don’t know if I’m reading it wrong

      1. I would be happy to pay more for a Sketchup file so that I can modify a few things to fit my space and needs. Do you have plans to create a Sketchup file?

        1. Hey JR,

          I don’t draw using Sketchup and the software I use uses a different file format. I will look into import export options to see if it is possible to get the drawings compatible with Sketchup.

          1. The Drawing design not in SketchUp was my no go points. Not be able to see and adjust the design is a big issue.

          2. Hi Robert,

            The software I use for my designs is not compatible with Sketchup. I am looking into a file format that would be able to be imported into Sketchup.

          3. Thanks for the reply. I’ll buy these plans and see if I can recreate them in Sketchup. Looking forward to building this. I really appreciate your videos and the plans.

  2. Do not have a planer, but want add bench top router, drill press & a scroll saw. That can tuck out of the way to have a flat surface to use my table saw, Thank you.

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