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Website: http://woodworkjunkie.com

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  1. Hey Junkies, I enjoy your you tubes very much, great work. I have a question : do you have any suggestions on how I can panel up vibracrete garage walls. I would like to fix like panels on the walls so I can screw things against it, your suggestions are warmly appreciated, thank, Maj.

    1. Hi Madiba,

      It’s a bit hard for me to give you direction as I haven’t done something like that myself before, but off the top of my head, I’d imagine your first challenge would be to drill into vibacrete due to all the reinforcing.

      I would try to drill two or three holes vertically in the center of each upright post to allow me to fit rawlbolts or wall anchors with coach screws and large washers.
      Then I would size my panels to fit between the bolts on each upright so that when I tighten the bolts, the washers will hold down the panels to its left and right.
      Toward the center of the panel, were the vibacrete slabs are recessed with relation to the uprights, I would fit slats behind the panels to support the panel over the cavity that would be created behind it when fixing it to the uprights.
      The center area of the panel I would then attempt to fix to the vibrate with a few randomly spaced wall anchors.

      I hope this is understandable.
      Feel free to ask me if there is anything you don’t understand.


  2. Hi!
    I am going to attempt to make that fine looking guitar stand that you have videoed, I have lots of yellow cedar to make it from.
    But I have one other ??
    Do you have any plans to make a working sliding miter saw dust collector, you know how dusty they can be!
    I just have a very small workshop, no space for vacuum system??

    1. Hey Steven,

      Just remember, when making the guitar stand it is very important to consider the size of the base relevant to the guitar. Also, the angle of the base relevant to the neck.
      If this is not done correctly you can end up with a guitar stand that tips over and you don’t want that.

      For the miter saw dust collection system, sadly no. I haven’t built something along those lines yet but I’ll look into it and post a video or plans if I do.


  3. Help.
    Can you please advise, where I can purchase wood sawdust in small bags, for DIY, i.e. filling in gaps between floorboards.

  4. Hi Jean,
    How do we purchase your shirts in South Africa? I know delivery is impossible with Lockdown at the moment but thinking past that…
    Your tutorials are really great BTW!

    1. I have been speeking to a few potential suppliers about local printing and shipping for the shirts. Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t any local distribution of the t-shirts.

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