Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack For Small Workshops – Plans


Detailed Woodshop Junkies Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack Plans in METRIC and IMPERIAL.

Redistribution or resale of these plans is NOT allowed!






Making the most of a small shop

Building my version of a Height-Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack.

All the components for my two-tier design can be cut from a single sheet of 18x1220x2440mm (3/4″ 4x8ft) sheet of plywood. Extra tiers can be added using additional material.



Plans available in METRIC and IMPERIAL units

The Lumber Storage was designed and built using metric and metric standard sizes. All imperial dimensions were converted directly from metric and expressed in thousands of an inch.

Lumber Storage Plans Example


IMPORTANT! – Disclaimer

The dimensions of these plans have been developed specifically to fit my environment.
I am NOT a professional woodworker or qualified engineer and these plans do not constitute professional advice of any kind. They are made available purely for entertainment and information purposes.

NO load or long term test has been done to determine the long term performance of the lumber storage rack.

Always refer to the user manuals of your equipment for the correct operating procedure.

The use of these plans is done entirely at the user’s own risk.
Woodshop Junkies will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury incurred due to any form of use of these plans.

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  1. Hi – love the video’s and glad I’ve found your YouTube channel. I bought your plans for the wood rack but did not receive an email (other than from PayPal that it was paid). I’d like to download the metric with the imperial – from the initial download page (which I can’t find) i was able to download the imperial – but the decimals you put in there make it a bit difficult (would rather see easier fraction like 3/4” verse a decimal number. So I’ll compare with the metric to be sure I’m close enough.

    Please let me know how to download the other. Thanks again.

  2. I loved the video, and was inspired to pay for and download the plans. But I have to agree with the previous poster that it’s a stretch to call the non-metric version “imperial”. Imperial measurements are represented in fractions, not decimals. You can’t go to the lumber yard and buy 0.709″ Plywood, because it doesn’t exist. Nor can you use a measuring tape to measure 44.882″. That would be 44 441/500″ – also not helpful to a woodworker.

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